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Case Studies

Marathon always insists on any new prospective client to seek references from existing clients before any work is undertaken, we are so confident in our work that we will furnish the contact information for this purpose so you may feel comfortable from the outset of dealing with us.

Great growth over the years

Pacer grew over the years
One of the many success stories that MPR can boast is the growth of a company that it handled for eighteen and half years. In 1987 MPR began working for Pacer Components plc which was then a very small company with just three employees including the owner and their turnover was about 120K. The turnover revenue when MPR parted company with Pacer was approximately 17M dollars, obviously the success is not down to MPR alone as a company has to have the right product, which Pacer did but our imput was a great help in driving their success in the right direction, and of which we are justifiably proud.

The Worlds Local Supplier

Kemtron Ltd
MPR has had the pleasure of working for Kemtron Ltd since 1991 and has continued to update their advertising for use in the relevant trade journals.

We also handle all their PR and have had considerable success in placement of critical stories and product releases in the media, Kemtron manufacture and distribute their products globally.


Power Supplies by ROBAND

Roband Electronics plc PR/Ad campaign
MPR was requested to design a new series of advertisements to be placed in the UK Electronics media,after submitting a number of creative ideas Roband Electronics plc made their choice and MPR then negotiated rates with the selected media and compiled a media schedule which was completely managed and supervised on the clients behalf.

All dealings with the media and copy placement and any ongoing work was again handled by MPR, thus leaving the client free to concentrate on doing their daily business. MPR has also since planned a PR programme for Roband's new products which is currently in operation.

Roband Advert


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